Mission Statement

“The mission of the Kennett Underground Railroad Center (KURC) is to preserve that heritage and engage the public about the historic abolitionists and freedom-seekers of this area and beyond.”

Some of KURC’S Goals are:

  • To¬†educate the public about the historic struggle of abolitionists, conductors, stationmasters, and freedom-seekers.
  • To bear witness to the values that challenged and ultimately caused an end to slavery in America.
  • To celebrate the oneness of the human spirit in the ongoing quest for freedom around the world.
  • To interpret and preserve the unique local heritage for future generations through tours, public speaking, re-enactments, published works, and eventually a learning center.
  • To identify buildings recognized as stations on the Underground Railroad and encourages and assists the owners to gain recognition of these sites on a local, state, or national level.